deals17 options - magazine subscription for $3 - $7…


Here are the options:

* Architectural Digest
* Atlantic
* Bon Appetit
* Car and Driver
* Discover
* Entrepreneur
* Family Fun
* Family Handyman
* Garden & Gun
* Maxim
* Men's Fitness
* Motor Trend
* Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
* Prevention
* Saveur
* Slam Basketball
* Taste Of Home
* Weight Watchers


Don't do it !!! After 3 or 4 months you will stop getting the magazines. An email to Tanga will result in a reply that they will contact magazine company to get it straightened out. After that 2 or 3 more copies will arrive, then nothing. I bought a 4 year subscription and received not even 1 years worth .


It has worked well for me.


I'd avoid this one, too. The last time I bought something from tanga, I ordered a MacBook Pro neoprene zipper pouch for my daughter's 17-inch model. I did everything right and they sent the 13-inch sleeve. When I contacted them they said that I'd have to pay return shipping and they would refund the purchase price - but not shipping. And it was their mistake!

This thing is HOT pink and now it is in my closet. I'm hoping that my daughter gets something that will fit in it, LOL!

Hope springs eternal.

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Tanga has worked for me too. No problem whatsoever and I like being able to try a magazine for a low price that I wouldn't buy otherwise.


I took advantage of the last Tanga magazine offer they had for Wired. I also picked up Discover. Still waiting for delivery, the 12-14 week time frame hasn't passed. From the reviews here, I really hope I receive the magazines I ordered within that time frame. If Tanga screws me over, I'm out $10 so it won't be as bad as if I paid full price.