deals10 pack - 6 ft. gold tip, high speed, 3d capable…


Horrible shipping, off brand cables. Need I say more?


@csparkle33: What difference does off brand make? HDMI is a digital interface, and therefore by definition, ALL cables will either work 100% or not at all. It's physically impossible for a name brand cable to produce a better picture than a knockoff one.

If you're running cables inside walls to ceiling mounted projectors, then maybe you need to consider higher quality cable that can handle longer distances, but 6 feet is nowhere near long enough to introduce substantial signal loss that will cause transmission problems.


I've had more name brand cables die on me than off brand. It's all just luck. These cables will work just fine, and well worth the price. I usually wait for the $1 a piece deals, but i hate making 10+ different orders. I prefer paying the extra $3 just to skip all the extra ordering.


I will never buy anything but Monster Cable after reading this review: