dealssave 75% on fallout: new vegas on steam for $4.99


$5 for an awesome FPS-RPG you can easily spend 50+ hours on is an absolute steal. In terms of amount of entertainment for the dollar games like this on deals like this are nigh impossible to beat.


One of the greatest games ever made. Could keep you busy for 100 hours if you let it.


@lordebon: Is it worth it without the DLC? There's maybe 6 of 'em, 4 at $2.49, half the price of the game. Is it fun without the DLC (or any better than the others?) or should I just hold out for a GOTY edition next year? I've waited this long, I can wait a little longer, I guess. I loved Fallout 3


@brad3326: Haven't played the DLC, honestly. It's usually a mixed bag (And to my knowledge still is for F:NV) with some DLC being decent and others being sort of in the "Why Bother" category. In my experience (with F3 DLC) some are decent and add to the game: e.g., Broken Steel, which ret-con'd the ending and rightfully opened things up. And then some are just mediocre or just plain meh. Perhaps the biggest thing I dislike is how self-contained they often are... for being masters of the open-world game, their DLC so often comes in its own little self-contained world.

If you've got the time to play it, I'd say at $5 it's worth taking the jump. A quick look at the DLC on metacritic shows a mixed bag (60s to low 70s), so for DLC I'd say pick and choose what you want (if you want any at all).


I've played a bunch of the dlc and it's meh. The game is absolutely fantastic by itself - seriously more like a whole series of games in one. I never play games more than once and I've started several games on this - it just keeps going and going.


@lordebon: Old World Blues DLC is a must have the others are garbage. Head over to a MOD website to find oodles of goodies for free