dealstop-shelf glass top humi sampler #2 - cigars…


Woot used the redirected URL as their link - proper one should be


Great deal. Got it last time, well worth it. Couldn't figure out the humidor calibration, but that was wholly user error. Cigars are fantastic quality. Well recommended for an intro smoker, or one that just wants a humidor for their collection.


Kind of odd with these deals. They throw in something that does actually sell for around the price of the deal.

It again (as with the case for the ludicrously discounted Gurkha cigars) makes me wonder how much the production on the cigars costs.
These aren't top shelf cigars, but there's a few good ones in there. Enough to justify that price without the humidor.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Oh, only for new customers? Any way I can get this to work without re-registering or will my address always screw it up?


@breaddrink: Not sure if they wouldn't let you get this deal if you're an existing customer. Main thing is they seem to be limiting it to one per customer. I'd be interested to know if the deal works for you, having been a previous customer - keep us updated!


No, it shows up in my basket at full price.
It's funny, it has the blurb saying it's selling for 30 bux, and even at the bottom has the 154.57 dollars crossed out, only to have the same amount (154.57) underneath it as the new lower price :D


@breaddrink: Sad Face This might be one of those times to get a buddy to buy it for ya ;-)


say98 and sad55 both entered in at the end of the main url ( worked.

For some reason neither of the links wouldn't fire it up for me.


Found another link that still appears to work for the $29.99 price.


It seems cookies mess with what price you get as well.. If you go to and click on the "10 Top Cigars + humidor $29.99" picture on the right side of the page it'll bring up the right price. Oddly enough the link looks to be the one ending in "sad55" but when directed from this page it shows up as full price. I think it has something to do with the redirect woot puts on their links.


@filthylucr3: Yeah it's a messy cookie issue.

just stick /sad55 on the end of the main page URL.

I'm in for one. The humidor might make a nice gift to someone. Cigars are mine :D


Bought from them in the past - great company. Cigars listed here are very good. great deal overall.


Mine arrived.
It's not at all bad. Fairly solid construction, and heavy enough to not tip over when open.

However, the cigars were loose inside the new humidor with no humidification device, so they're super crispy and will take 2-3 weeks to come back in my big humidor.

I feel like this was a little short sighted of them.
It's kiln dried ceder and an unseasoned humidor (bone dry). I can't think of a better way to dry out cigars if I tried :D
Even a plastic bag would have stopped this from happening.
I just fired an email to them pointing this out. Their humidification packs included with orders seem completely random too.
It's a little off-putting.

They'll come back though, so still not a bad deal.


@breaddrink: I'd have to concur with your statements. Mine actually didn't even come with a humidification pack! I've ordered through before and they shipped theirs in a plastic bag with a humi pack.

How was your hygrometer? I had to calibrate it a few degrees. Also, as you said, my humidor was bone dry, I'm still seasoning it a week later, it can't seep enough of the distilled water.. It seems an air tight seal so I'm not really sure what's going on.



They replied saying they should have been in a bag and didn't know why mine weren't. Offered a refund or exchange.
Were yours just loose in there too?

I once had to season a solid ceder humidor before.
A lot of them only have a ceder lining for this same reason.

The solid ones take a little longer, but it will eventually get there. Take it slow and try to avoid the temptation to swab the inside with water.
They have a tendency to split if allowed to vary too much in humidity.