dealshebrew aleph-bet blocks @ for $25…


This looks like a really nice set. When my son was younger, I got him a set of aleph-bet blocks made in China (!), and the quality was quite poor. They were too small, and the paint flaked off. (For all I know the paint was lead-based!)

It's pleasantly surprising to see something like this made in the USA.


Thanks, Steve! I agree about the quality. I try really hard to find high-quality Jewish toys. There aren't that many made. But these blocks are great.


Hmmm apparently woot can't take hebrew...


Oh.. say it in Hebrew transliteration.


Sorry we are sold out. Tomorrow morning I'll put up another daily deal. We are doing it everyday for the month of November (not Saturdays) leading up to Hanukkah. Shalom, y'all!


How do I mark the deal dead when we are sold out?