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Condition: Factory Recertified
Packaging: Hassle Free
Warranty: 90 Day
Brand: SanDisk
Model: SDCZ36-008G

Product Features:
• Take it all with you - on reliable USB flash drives
• Transfer with confidence - when moving images and other files from computer to computer or other consumer electronic devices
• Ideal for video - the easy way to store, share and play your favorite video files
• Compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS 10+ and Linux; Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port required for high speed transfer
• Stores up to 2,000 3.5 minute MP3’s or up to 2,400 10MP images
• Backwards compatible with older devices that have USB 1.1 ports, so you can be assured of near universal compatibility
• Trigger may vary
• Amber-colored LED
• Stylish, sophisticated design

What You Get:

• (2) SanDisk 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drives


I personally have never had any issues with DailySteals... They ship pretty quickly, and products have been great. I love them... They even have free shipping on fridays. :) Very tempted to get this, although not sure of what I would do with all these flash drives... :S


Using my credit for the generic microSD they sent me....I have to use the credit on something....I will only be out shipping if they do it again.

Fingers crossed.


@karmen1508: I think you're in the minority then lol...

There were several hundred/(thousand?) of us who all got lied to and subsequently screwed into buying a fake MicroSD card.

Here's the Deal:

And Here's the e-mail:

"Dear X

You're receiving this email because it's possible that the Micro SD card you recently received was a generic version and was not manufactured by SanDisk (as we advertised on the day of the deal).

This is unacceptable and on behalf of our entire staff, we sincerely apologize for the mix-up."


These new SanDisk Cruzers are just horribly slow. I don't know what they did to the new generation but the read and write speeds are about the worst of all flash drives out there.


No loop to hook it to a key chain ring? ;(


There is an indent in the back that you can attach a loop to it (at least on my 4gb one there is - you just have to provide your own string/wire/chain/etc.) :D

And as for the company, never had a problem with them either. And I was involved in the Sandisk debacle. It's always conveniently left out that people where offered a credit for the amount you paid AND were able to keep the card - which worked, it just didn't have the fancy name on it. Or they would refund your money and send you a postage paid envelope to send it back in.

I ended up using my credit just fine recently when I ordered from them again. And I am still using the microSD card too. I would order from them again without hesitation.


There was a mistake, it was made more than right, and on many other deals Daily Steals has given great prices and fast delivery. Your comment that the packers (most likely minimum wage job) were supposed to know they were sending the wrong items is ridiculous. When dealing with that kind of help you give them a case of items to separate and mail out, and cross your fingers that they remember to put the mailing label on every package. You are turning this into some sort of silly conspiracy where they posted a deal just to rip you off. I suppose that the government is out to get you also. Be careful not to go out without your tin foil hat or their going to read your mind.


I would guess (but not assume) that they probably purposly mislabed their product but it doesn't bother me too much. Probably I'm going to get these just to have some junky drives lying around to mess with. The idea that I might get a credit because they mislabeled the drives makes this more appealing to me.
Also I have never had a problem with them (though I havn't bought from them for a couple years) and I certainly think they are the kind of company you take a risk with buying from but are certainly better and faster than the majority of Woot competitors.

Also did anybody get that credit 5 dollars for 10 dollars off and if so did it work? I'm regretting having not gotten it.


@the7654: I did get this deal. It shows in my account as a past order, but no info on how to redeem it. Did anyone else use it? How?


One of my worst online purchase experiences ever was with this company. Had to use PayPal to get my money back and it was an ordeal. That was my first and last dealings with Dailysteals. I would not recommend them to anyone. This company is shady at best. There are some "Dailysteals" alright, but you may be the one that is being stole from.


This is a crappy company and they have always screwed up my orders to the point that I stopped ordering from them. To the people that are defending them, give it time, you will get screwed too. Honestly, I don't care how much the employees get paid or if the company keeps it's fingers crossed and hopes their customers get their correct orders. The point is YOU have a responsibility as a business to get all your orders correct and if you keep screwing up, you creating a bad image for yourself and will lose your customers. FIX IT!


I was having a problem with my coupon. Then I logged into my account. It worked. Used it yesterday on a backup camera and monitor.


The EXACT same thing happened to me. They offered a credit but the "I want a credit/I want my money back" site would never work.

It would have been better to not offer a resolution at all. That was the second time DailySteals got me. With another order, the product never was shipped (although they did offer a credit back to my account, after repeated emails to support). Buyer beware....


I have ordered a couple things from this company. Shipping times vary wildly.

On 2/29 I got an email last week from the CEO Matt Weiner, in part: "as we keep building and changing, we have been experiencing some growing pains. Some of you have written us about it, and I want you to know your concerns are being heard".

I have not made a large purchase from DS and will withhold making one until I feel confident I'll get what I pay for. I'm still a little leery about a large purchase for a lot of reasons. Maybe I am biased because the site and logo look so dated, I also know someone who had a problem with them so I'm withholding judgement.

I purchased these these 2 USB drives today.


My first and only purchase from Dailysteals was horrible....its now been .....well I ordered a mouse on 1/24 and its now 3/7 ( you do the math). AFTER posting a negative review I was suddenly contacted by DS and my mouse was shipped that day. THIS is not good business, if you search, there are TONS of negative reviews on this reseller. Calling someone a conspiracy theorist because he posted up his factual experience is just dumb. The companies overall review rating is POOR. If enough of you feel otherwise you need to submit your own reviews to correct this. I NEVER review site but was so put off by my experience that I chose to do one on Dailysteals.


By the way, I was also involved in the MicroSD debacle. I was impressed with DailySteals response for the following reasons:

1. They admitted their mistake to me without my bringing it to their attention. (Anyone can be repentant when they are caught. Once DS knew there was a problem, they contacted EVERYONE, not just complainers. I'm impressed.)

2. They offered me options, up to and including giving me my money back with no shipping charges out of my pocket.

I can only judge behavior. Some here claim to be able to judge motives.

If you believe that DS intentionally advertised one product and sent another, you also have to believe that they planned all along to offer a credit or refund. That is the only thing their behavior supports. If you believe that, why wouldn't they just hand out $8 credits and save the money they spent on product?

In my business, when I mess up, I do 1 & 2 above and I expect the same from others.

DS's behavior shows integrity to me, not bad motives.


@j0hnlind: I actually got 1 & 2 TWENTY days after placing my order. I immediatly responded with a different color option and heard nothing else until 3/5 after submitting my poor review AND attemtping to contact DS. I in no way feel they are trying to rip people off but their business model is flawed. Delays for a product purchased that they IMMEDIATLY shipped AFTER my negative review are proof of this. And again.....Google Dailysteals review and read what the majority of people are saying. I do understand that most people only review when its a bad experience but there are a LOT of bad reviews, its clear this company has lots of work to do if they want to be really successful.


I've gotten a few things from them, gotten what I paid for, including the plastic-bag packaging, generic boxing, etc. That's ok, I just use them at school, anyway, or as part of a gift basket, you know?

Almost a year ago, though, my bank card company froze my card: apparently there were over 100 attempts to purchase something at $24.99 in a day.... the only things I'd used this number on were wootage and a DS order. I refuse to believe that could happen at Woot. There may be no connection, but I'm pretty careful now.

Oh, no, of course I didn't have to pay all those charges. I'm pretty sure.


@noridetoolow: While I usually prefer that people do the math for me, I was not referring to you in my comment. You judged their behavior, which in your instance seemed poor. I was referring to unnamed posters above you who believe that DS's business model is to rip people off.

With so much spam these days, I give companies the benefit of the doubt when I don't get the response I am looking for. I run a small business online and I get 100 spams for ever legitimate email. I search them for good email, but every so often I think I lose a good one.

DS treated you poorly, and you have the right to complain to them and the world, But you did not accuse them of intentionally trying to rip you off (i.e. you did not judge their motives). Some here are doing that. It is a business model that just does not make sense.

I hope you get the mouse you paid for. I would bet you do.


I haven't had any issue with daily steals. I was one of the people who got a coupon code for that micro sd card. I was perfectly satisfied with their response, and the code worked perfectly. I also managed to buy 10 of the $10 coupons before they limited to just 1. I sent daily steals a message apologizing for the order and asked them what would be done. They responded by telling me it was their issue, and that I would receive all 10 coupon codes. I just used one of them, today, to get these flash drives for free.

There is no doubt that some people have had issues with DailySteals, but those people are not in the majority. You don't hear about the thousands of orders that they successfully ship with no issues. Just the 10s of people who were unsatisfied.

If you are concerned about being "ripped-off" then I would suggest you just stop shopping online, altogether. Every website, including woot, has customers who have bad experiences.


@j0hnlind: I understand and agree, some complaints are a bit too directed and stretched....conspiracy levels almost. I now have a tracking number that WORKS lol....says ill get the mouse tomorrow. I give sellers the benefit of the doubt, I was careful with DS but the end result was not a scam or attempt to rip me off, just poor business practices. I might give them another shot someday but the deal better be a really good one for me to do so.


Couldnt be THAT random as they do specify clearly the model and manufacturer.

Brand: SanDisk
Model: SDCZ36-008G


DailySteals will never get my money again - not one red cent. They sent me a broken mouse and never replied to emails.

Thieves with an apropos website name is my opinion on them.

Their items should be banned from Deals.woot