dealsnook color by barnes & noble 7" wifi ereader for…


That's $100 OFF regular price for a refurb. Not bad but I would spend the money to buy a squaretrade warranty. Use THIRTY30 or check out current codes to get a discount on the warranty.


Make you wonder how much pressure the Kindle Fire is putting on the competition....


I recently got one of these $149 refurbs (posted on Woot but different vendor) to try the "root and install CynogenMod" that every would-be techy seems to be doing.

It was pretty easy, and it's great. I've got it running Kobo, Kindle, and Nook software. Handy little toy, though I wish the screen was 10" instead of 7". The IPS screen really makes a difference visually.

With the Kindle Fire's dual core proc, I can't imagine a lot of competition between these two devices, though. Seems like the Fire folks took a few lessons from the Nook and improved on them-- The Nook's screen gets kind of smudgy, but I understand the Fire has a slightly frosted coating to avoid that.

But the Nook being advertised here is worth it, if you want an e-reader NOW and to save $50 from the Fire.


Got one of these a few months ago, it had power issues - would randomly shut off, yet the battery would be completely dead after a day of being "off". Returned it to B&N - but for some reason they're unable to give me a refund, maybe because of the way it was sold through the marketplace. Still trying to get my money back.


My wife has this model and really enjoys it. It has good battery life, isn't very heavy, plays well with various media formats, and does a little bit of web browsing too.


Cyanogen on a SD card, so whenever I want to boot to vanilla Android, it's just a slip in of the micro sd card, but rest of the time, I keep it vanilla Nook. Great battery life, really a great size for an e-reader - honestly, the only thing that could seriously be improved would be a couple dedicated page turn buttons, and wowee, the last update actually gave me the night mode I had been craving.

Plus there's always Free Fridays - a book a week for free, not to mention that many libraries are now offering ebooks that are compatible with the Nook (Adobe Editions for my library, make sure you register with the same e-mail as the B&N account..) We got three, and all are heavily used.


I got one of these the last time they were on here through
Cyanogenmod runs great on it and the nightly releases come with overclocked kernels. Combine with Nook Tweaks and it's a perfect 7 inch tablet. Forget about the Kindle Fire, it's a joke. Maybe if it gets cyanogen it'll be worth getting, but out of the box, a CyanoNook knocks it out of the ring in every practical way.

One thing to note, when flashing the newest nightly my touch panel become uncalibrated. solved it perfectly.

I recommend buying Rom Manager Pro and Titanium Backup Pro. When combined together you get a very simple and effective setup for running the latest Cyanogen nightly and keeping all your files backed up.

Bit of advice, avoid installing AVG on this if you put cyanogen on it, it sends out false-alarms because the nook is rooted.

A microSDHC card is required to root it and install Cyanogenmod. The faster rating the better.


refurb? you could end up getting one that a guy used to watch porn that has stains on the screen. pass!!!!! refurb tablet is grossssssss


@kingu: Overdrive, the company that offers library e-books, now offers them in Kindle format, too. So if you're looking for an e-reader that you can use library books on, you're no longer limited to the Nook.


I've done the same CM7 install that a couple of the other posters have done. I'm running it off of microSD and able to remove that to get back to plain old nookcolor. I'm not doing the nightlies, but sticking with a somewhat older stable version. Thanks ghostyorker for the additional info.

One addition. There is a great conversation regarding the best microSD card at:

Short story is a Class 4 SanDisk seems to outperform other ostensibly faster cards. I went from a Class 10 Adata to the Class 4 SanDisk and it did improve the experience.

Oh, and I bought mine for $100 more than this deal, so at this price, I'd say it's a no-brainer if you're at all inclined to try it.

This has replaced my Kindle 2 as my e-reader. I travel a lot internationally, and it is great on those long flights. Even though it does not have the uber-battery life of the eink Kindle, I've never had problems getting to a charger in time.


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@wishlish: On top of that, the Kindle overdrive integration delivers much more cleanly and easily. I had a touch Nook and returned it for a Kindle ... and I hated the way you had to load the public library content on the Nook. Then I lucked out because the Kindle library support arrived a couple weeks later... and Amazon really did it right. They have their market position in the reader sector for a very good reason. Still, I'm thinking of getting this to cyanogen so my gf can have a pocket-sized tablet to run her medical apps on since her trusty old palm is getting so beat up it's ready to give up the ghost.


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With that said, $150 seems like a great deal. It's, if anything at all, a steal.


I got a Nook Color Refurb a couple months ago for $200, so $50 more than this and $50 less than a new one.

I put Cynogen Mod 7 on a microSD and can still dual boot into Nook software if I want to.

The only thing I have to complain about [and the only reason why you should get a Fire over this] is the slower processor. There are times where things are just laggy, or I think I missed a click and really it was just thinking and then it registered another click that I didnt mean to hit and then It loads the wrong thing.

Other than that, VERY capable 7in tablet, great for RSS feeds, music, web surfing etc. Has a better screen resolution than the Galaxy Tab 7.


$50 more will get you a much more capable Kindle Fire. Will probably have at least if not more devs working on it also.


@jeremytheindian: It could be months after release before there is a stable CM7 or other ROM for the fire (if ever). I have a NC, and it's been great. The CM7 install process is incredibly easy, and while I wouldn't mind the additional power of a dual-core CPU, overclocking to a stable 1.2ghz gives me enough performance for everything I actually do on the tablet.

I'm in for one of these @ $160 ( lists it at $159 now) as a gift for a friend. Well worth it, even with the fire on the horizon.


With the Fire on its way, I'm just waiting for the Nook Color to drop a little in price, hopefully.


@bloodshedder: Yeah, I'm expecting that between the Fire coming out, the NookColor2 due to come out at any moment, snatching these up should be easy at a good price. Also if a regular NookColor is $250 and the refurb is $180, imagine a refurbed Fire.