dealssandisk 8gb extreme iii sdhc class 6 sdhc card…


The price on this is fluctuating. It is currently $29.29, but it is going up or down whenever it pleases.


Just to inform people... this is a good deal for a rugged, fast card (which is useful if you're, say, taking HD video or something). For most purposes slower 8GB SDHC cards work fine, and you can find those much cheaper.


Transcend instead of Sandisk, but I haven't had a single problem with the five I own.


@imadv8: I find that micro SDHC cards in an adapter are a little slower than a regular SDHC card of the same class.

Transcend 8GB class 6, about $23 depending on the seller:

(No problems with several Transcend cards here, either. Even used them for a wedding.)


would be great if it was a class 10 ...for video


Indeed. This class 6 card has been sitting in the $30 range for months on Amazon. Not to be confused with the more expensive class 10 30 MB/S extreme iii.


can I use a class 10 for the swap file system in Windows 7 OS?


Works great in my Nikon D60 and doesn't bog down the camera like other no-name class 6 cards do.