dealssuper mario bros. dvd for $3.99


This is one of the worst movies of all time, they should pay us $3.99 for taking off their hands. It is bad enough where everyone should see it at least once!


But...but...the box says "It's a Blast!" Why would the box lie to me??


yeah, I've seen it... $3.99 is still too expensive. Hard to believe they actually spent the money to produce DVDs of this


cheaper on amazon with prime.


I actually liked it. The important part is to not go into it expecting anything. Then you can be pleasently surprised that it's actually kinda funny.


It's a guiltsploitation movie for parents who let games like Mario Brothers raise their kids because mom and dad were too busy trying to copy Don Johnson's Miami Vice look and learning to disco. They watch it trying to recapture the old days when their now adult and moved away children paid them enough attention to be surly and contemptuous.


Guilty pleasure, this one. I mean, Dennis Hopper is the king of the lizard people. That alone makes it worth watching. Maybe not OWNING (although I admit to having it on LaserDisc), but watching. And there's Mojo Nixon. And unlike most video-game movies, it creates a pretty complete world and doesn't take itself seriously at all.


This is the single greatest cinematic accomplishment and you can all go to hell


@meenzal: What the hell are you babbling about?