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j5 j5


I've seen this at the local Lego store; it is pretty awesome.


I bought my kid 3 of these.


Such a good deal, it crashed the entire Wal Mart site! Seriously, this brings the price per piece ratio to right around 10 cents, which is what it really should be. The set was overpriced to begin with, but this is a really good deal. Nice job, J5 for finding it!


Note that Walmart just slaps a sticker on the Lego box and ships it naked - don't count on it being in nice shape once you get it. Probably not collector-worthy, or even gift-worthy.


@nowoot4u: That's ok. Just put all the pieces into a plain brown box, no instructions, and give as a gift.

Tell them they must build it...using all the pieces.... but don't tell them what "it" is.

Challenge accepted! :)