dealsjolly rancher jelly beans 2 bags (14oz bag) for…


This is an "add-on" will not ship by itself free with Prime.


This type of stuff sells for double what it's worth at Walmart or other big stores. I'm not 100% sure what the price is at Walmart but I'm pretty sure it's around the $2.50 mark per bag.


@decyde: I agree, $5 for 2 14oz bags is not a great deal.


@nyy4life: Yeah, trying to figure out why it has so many upvotes.


Where I live, they're not stocked anymore.


I upvoted this because the product itself is AWESOME, and I can typically only get them around Easter where I live (central Alabama). I have to buy them at full price every year because there's never any stock left when the holiday candy drops to 50% the day after Easter, and I can testify to the Walmart price, at least for my region: $4/bag. So, if you're lucky enough to be at Walmart at midnight the Monday after Easter (I guess the drop the price at midnight, never checked), you can get them for $2/bag. That still makes this a good deal in my book. Add to that the off-season availability, and I'm ALL OVER THIS DEAL.