dealsmembers only® men's bomber jacket for $49.99…


These were the douchiest jackets of the '70's.


@zippy the pinhead: They were an 80's thing. Didn't come out until 1981.


Got one at knohls last month for 30$ and love it! That retail price is not an exaggeration. When i got mine the price tag said $149.99 so this is a great deal. I ride my motorcycle with Armour underneath it, i think it maybe be wind proof i never feel a breeze. To comment on the douche statement, at times I do feel pretty douchey when i have a on. Bottom line 50$ is a great deal!!!


Sadly I'm not a member :(


@druke: I know because we don't want you to be one!


last one I saw was on a guy wearing a really bad toupee at WalMart.


@mellielou: It was an 80's thing, about the same time designers started to sew their name on jean pockets and raise the price to $20/pr! Everything was douchy during the 80's except the music.


@mellielou: from Wikipedia: "The brand was created in 1975 and introduced to American markets in 1979 by Europe Craft Imports"

I know I saw them prior to 1980, as I was employed in the music industry and was in contact with many industry types who traveled abroad a lot. And they were, sadly, mostly douches.