dealssyringe shaped ball point pen-red ink, links for…


Good find.

When you sign up for a new account you get 10 free points too which you can use on this purchase (cuts $0.10 cents off the total).

Ordered one of the Red Syringe pens for $0.86 cents total with Free Shipping and paid via Paypal.


these are uncomfortable to write with for long periods of times. the ink isn't that great. i only use this pen when i wanna show it off. great novelty item. freaked my mom out.


thanks.. this will make great gifts! somehow ended up buying 9 of them in three colours.


Also note that the colored liquid will evaporate in a handful of months.

I kept it in a drawer for less than 3-4 months and when I took it out the liquid was gone! And there wasn't any spill or anything.