dealstomb raider - best buy for ps3 or xbox 360 for…


I have no idea why woot removed my post with this game earlier. What you need to do is....

Have target price match this game at 19.99
then buy a $1 reservation card for any future preorder- you do not actually have to purchase that game in the future.
That pre-order gives you $20 off tomb raider.

Which gets you this exact game, brand new, for the price of the reservation card! $1.05 after taxes!

Woot - Put my deal back up. The people want to save!


So do I price match first, then do the pre-order? Which way is going to make them less upset?


@jamesrenegade: Have them price match then simply hand them the card. It will automatically change the price in the system. Then just be like oh great thanks.


@tkuhoh: That's completely scamming (=stealing from) Target, so no wonder they took it down.


The $1 trick should definitely have a YMMV tag. I tried it and the Target near my home would not take it (the manager said many people had tried it) and I imagine that as word spreads, more stores will be closing the loophole.

By all rights, the deals should not stack (stipulated in the rules of price matching), but whoever programmed the checkout computers must have forgotten to key it in.

If you want to try, buy a whole bunch of other stuff so it's not obvious that a computer game is basically being away for free. Even if it doesn't go through, $20 is still not a bad deal and it may save a trip to Best Buy (my nearest BB is 25 minutes away, my nearest Target is 5 minutes away).


I did it! Thanks for the post! This is not a scam by any means. This is what I call out-smarting. Thanks again.


Worked without any questions for me. Pair it with $60 of stuff you need and they don't notice it


Annapolis, MD here. $1 trick did not work for me. I even bought another game (for $20). Good catch, but I think that the store is wising up to it.


Playstation version went up to 39.99 about 1 minute ago.