dealsbella 4-slice pie maker for $14.00 + free shipping


"Nonstick coating offers healthier baking options".

LOL, what!? I don't eat pies (mini or otherwise) with healthiness in mind. And if someone actually does, they're only kidding themselves.


@zuiquan: what if someone put your lifesaving medicine in the pie? If it stuck to the bottom of the pie pan you could DIE! That would be very unhealthy.


Blocker likes to fill his with hair and eat it


Where do you get the mini pie crusts?


It does not take off 10% by putting it in the cart. Costs $16.95 with tax.


I'm so excited for little pies. Couldn't pass this up.


It is actually more than $14.00 - someone needs to use a calculator to ensure they post the correct amount. It ends up being 19.99-4.00 so that is 15.99 plus tax. Still it is a good deal - I found it on another site last month for 24.95 on 'sale' and almost ordered it, this is good deal. This size pie is perfect for taking to lunch - use any pot pie recipe, english pasty recipes or fruit pies. i used to use small tart pans or individual size pie pans so this will be easier , no turning on the oven during hot summer months.


Shows up as $39.99 each on the Kohl's website AND in my shopping bag. With 20% off it still comes out to $32 each PLUS tax. This is a far cry from the $14 this post claims. I wanted two of these, because my Scottish-Australian husband loves when I make meat pies, but I can't seem to get the deal. What a crock... :(


@brendaa: Use biscuit cutters to cut them out of prefab pie crusts. You will need a larger size for the bottom than for the top.