deals8-pack, 23-watts compact fluorescent light (cfl…


wonder if the bulbs would make it in one piece.


Everything is illuminated.


They are $.50 each at Ace Hardware.


Does anybody else get really annoyed with the "100W equivalent" labeling on these things? Most of the time when I see them in a store, the 100W is the most prominent number on the package. These bulbs will not use 100W, and that label does not apply in any accurate way. Worst of all, incandescent bulbs do not all have the same light efficiency. CFLs vary even more in terms of light efficiency. So does 23W=100W? No. Never. We have a scale to measure light output. Why can't we just use it and drop the "equivalent" stuff?

That rant aside, this is a so-so deal. I can buy CFLs cheaper at my local Costco. I don't know if they have the same deals everywhere, but it's worth checking out if you're a member. The site shows the color temperature at 2800K which is a little low for general lighting for my taste. That's up to personal preference. Also worth noting is that there's no CRI listed. If it's not listed, you can usually assume it's terrible. Just know what you're buying.


Does anyone know if it is okay (or more specifically, not okay) to use these in 60W max sockets? I'd like my bathroom to be brighter, and as the rant above says, it actually is only 23W...


@jrpigman: Yes, the rant above is correct. you can use the brighter bulb because it only sucks out ~23 watts, so your 60Watt max socket will operate just fine.

edit- My local Ace Hardware has them cheaper also.


I personally prefer LEDs, but if you're a CFL fan, it isn't gonna get better than this price. +1



What Costco is that? They're about $1.80 a piece at my local Costco, and that's for the 60 watt equivalent.


@frontxxrunner: I'm in the Chicago area. 900 lumen CFLs were under a dollar each last time I bought some. I don't remember their electrical power rating. I also don't remember the exact prices of the higher light output options, but I think they were all around the same. It's at least worth checking.


@pitviper33: +1 that "Watt-equivalent" needs to go away. It is confusing and misleading. In this day and age we should all know what lumens are.

-1 for no link to where I can get these cheaper at CostCo. So +0 overall :)


@kjlane: Costco doesn't list a lot of their deals on the web. You have to go to the store to see what your particular location has on that particular day. That doesn't make them very deals.woot friendly unfortunately.


I agree, it should say the light output in lumens, then it could note underneath or parenthetically what power of incandescent bulb it is equivalent to. But this is thinking like an engineer, we like to put hard facts first and note ways of looking at it. Marketing people like to highlight a way of thinking of something then put hard facts in the fine print.

On a side note, I wish this wasn't sold out, I would have bought it.


@pitviper33 Because older people don't know what a lumen is. Lumens are also misleading, as light drops off significantly after being emitted.


@tevorum: I very seriously doubt that anyone that doesn't know what a lumen is really understands what a watt is either. I don't understand your second sentence.