dealsglow-in-the-dark rope - 50' for $4.99 + freeā€¦


@jdcyrus: And get it for $ $6.99 shipping.


@kcostell: thus the words "OR GO TO". Just giving our friends a cheaper alternative should they have a Harbor Freight store in their area. Some people still buy things in stores, you know?!


I glanced at the thumbnail pic on the list, thought it was a green lantern mask. LOL


What purpose, on all of God's green Earth, does 4 feet & 2 inches of glow in the dark rope serve? LMAO xD


I picked up this rope from 13deals a couple of years ago. It didn't emit a single photon, even after being exposed to various types of light (incandescent, fluorescent, sunlight, black light) for many hours. I think it had been in a warehouse for so long that the glow-ability of it was dead. For $5, it wasn't worth pursing a refund. Hopefully they've got better product these days.