dealssandisk ultra 32gb microsdhc class 10 30mb/s…


$4.99 shipping per card :-(

So, it's only $2 more at Amazon with free super saver shipping...


Not a bad price...

I just wanted to pop in, having recently dropped a lot of money just to get a working 32GB back in my Razr Maxx... Class 10 cards are hit and miss in a LOT of android phones and so I just wanted to warn... Search around if you are considering this as an update for your Razr, Galaxy or other Android device... Some devices support without issue, but a lot of others do not.. My experience has been that a class 10 will go in just fine, but the phone will later hang or reboot when accessing the card (also, copying files via USB often fails and/or results in corruption of the disk).... I bought one of these in 64GB Class 10, which wouldn't properly work. I then bought this card (Class 10 32GB) and the same problems occurred... Finally I bought the exact same model as my previous card (SanDisk Class 4 32GB) and all is well in the world...

Hope this helps someone.


@eznet: I recently got the class 4 32gb for my Galaxy tab 2 7.0 and have had no issues with watching video strait from the card.


@eznet: which phone did you buy this card for?


@eznet: I've recently had the same problem with this exact same microSD card. I used it for my Android Galaxy phone and I randomly looked down at my phone (which was arm's length away, so there was no possibility of accidental user error) to find that the card was being formatted- ON ITS OWN! I tried to stop it, but it froze and just kept formatting and erasing all my files. Needless to say I was not happy. Amazon gave me a refund for $20 but not the shipping, of course. I refuse to buy this card again, because what's to say it won't happen again? I had several smaller, generic, older microSD's sitting around, so I just switched to one of those- works beautifully. One tip I can give, is copy all your microSD files onto a folder on your computer, so that you don't lose your pics/music/apps/etc. Had I not done that, I would've been beyond pissed. Cheers.


can you use this for the Panasonic waterproof camera I just got from woot? someone said get plenty of class 10 memory..


Sold out....

At Amazon it is $26.80 (that's less than 2 more) with Prime. Personally I went with Amazon because of their outstanding return policy: