dealsapple ipad air w/ retina display w/ wifi 16gb for…


Great price. Too bad I don't need one.

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Search "iPad Air 16GB"

Let's see if this works...GoTo Quill website and use the above search term. Do not use the link (type it into your browser)

wow, everything that I try gets the same error. Woot? (tattled, maybe a mod can fix it. I would assume Quill is OK, but they seem to be giving errors when connecting from this site no matter what I link I give)


When I go to Quill's site (the above link is a 404) a popup says up to $100 off on iPads. And clicking thru does show an iPad Air @ 429... but dependent on something called a "bundle" whatever that is. It isn't immediately clear what you need to do and it smells like it might be a sleazy game. Edit: does look like you might be able to skip the "bundle" stuff.

BTW, I was not aware Quill still existed! I have fond memories of all kinds of Quill stuff showing up at my dad's office 25+ years ago.


Looks like you need to go with the pre-Air/non-iPad2 full size iPad models to get $100 off their regular price.


@bluemaple: You can add it to the cart without a "bundle" and buy it alone if you desire. They certainly try to get the add-ons, though


Quill is getting some horrible reviews around the Web. Seems that if you order as a business, they will aggressively market to you, including sending (sometimes rude) sales reps unannounced to your place of business. Private parties seem to be left alone, but the site pushes bundling so you feel compelled to add high-margin accessories to your low-priced order. Be wary of organizations that conduct business in this way.


"Great" price is relative when it comes to Apple products. There are vastly better tablets out there for a much lower price.


This particular model isn't offered on their site anymore, only more expensive ones starting at 549.99 with WiFi and Cellular. Looks like they either sold out or removed what stock they had.


Check out the Samsung Note 10.1. It's just better...