dealscrafstman evolv 18.0 volt cordless drill and…


I actually have this. Had it for almost 2 years now.
It's great. The circular saw is pretty powerful for a battery powered. can be used for more than just drywall. Used both when I was replacing the back deck.

Battery life is forever.

No signs of it pooping out anytime soon. And compared to other brands like Dewalt, the replacement batteries are relatively cheap too.

Great deal.


I had similar setup to this and it was great. The saw and drill were both powerful enough to get basic jobs done, and the cordless aspect was very convenient.
Unfortunately after a year and a half of occasional use, the batteries (18v Ni-Cad) stopped holding a charge and they were pretty expensive (around $40 each) to replace. I gave up and bought some corded tools and a long extension cord.

At this price though, if I didn't have the corded tools, I'd be tempted.


This really isn't free shipping. You have to join their ShipVantage program which is free for 30 days but then if you don't respond to an e-mail to opt-out they charge you $79 for the membership. They must keep your payment info to be able to do that. The only good thing is this is under the Sears/KMart brand group.


@beburns58: It is free shipping. It automatically applies in cart without having to sign up for ShipVantage


@mygofer: It doesn't show up as free in my cart either.