deals5.11 tactical taclite ripstop pants factory…


$30.00 plus shipping on pants not made right....Sorry but that’s not worth calling them a deal. At $15 plus either free shipping or a flat $5 shipping no matter how many pair you buy would be a noteworthy deal....$10 a pair and free shipping would be truly awesome deal!


@wangstang: find them somewhere else for cheaper and link it


LAPoliceGear got a huge discount from Royal Robin/5.11 Tac to buy up batches of defective clothing & they were probably required to purchase the entire batch so they are the only ones who can price an exact equivilant.

It's worth the extra 10-13 to get the right fit if I am looking at 30 vs 43 & I know the 30 pair is deffective:

Then there's this ebay distributor that's sold over a 140 pairs of non-deffective at 40 a pair with free shipping:

Plus I'm sure you can call a few shops like Lawmens and get better pricing over the phone than what they have listed on their webpage.

If you don't mind going away from 5.11 products, there are woolrich tac pants here for $19 a pair:

Or you could go with Eotac: