dealsbreaking bad: the complete first season: dvd for…


Tried to resist watching this show for a long time. No luck. All the recent hype about it ending got my curiosity up. I watched the first episode on Netflix and now I just CANNOT stop watching. Maybe the best television show I've seen since The Sopranos. Certainly top five.

(Never thought I'd find myself rooting for a meth dealer. Go figure.)


At the moment i have a hard time buying this since its on Netflix right now.


Actually it's the first THREE seasons that are 9.99


@mgherter: One of us. One of us. One of us.


You will be addicted to the show and have to force yourself to stop and go to sleep. I started when the 4th season was at the midway point and probably took me like 10 days to watch them all. I did nothing but watch the show every night as soon as I got home. The shows just kept getting better.


My Sunday nights are SO empty now!!!!! I miss this FANTASTIC SHOW!!!!


@hayz708: walking dead is back this sunday though.