dealswood fired pizza from carrabba's italian grill…


how do you enter the promo code?


@wardrop: On their Facebook page it says to "type '$5 pizza' in the special instructions box to redeem the offer." Since you have to pay at the restaurant anyways, you can make sure they honor the price when you go to pick it up, or just refuse to pay.


Oh my god -- the $5 pizza deal has brought them down... and the site seems like a pain in the a$$ to navigate.

I wonder if you can order more than one?

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@aaronf: Their site is still up. I got that same error message when I tried to allow them to "Use My Location", just punch in your ZIP code instead. I called my local Carrabba's and they said you can get multiple on the same order and it works for both the 2 and 3-topping make-your-own pizzas.


Just ordered one. Picking it up on the way home. Thanks for the link!


Deal was good, but my restaurant SUCKS. Ordered at noon, online said ready at 4:20. No problem.

Arrive at 4:20 (actually 4:15). They take my money. At 4:50 they finally bring my food out.

C'mon. You told me it would be READY at 4:20. I didn't ask for that time, that's when they said it would be ready.


The fam and I just bought and ate three. As you may have guessed, they're small. No larger than a Totinos pizza, but far tastier obviously. The pepperoni and sausage is awesome. The meatball needs some work (almost just like ground beef).

The link to order online didn't work for me either. But when I clicked into "locations" to find my local carrabba's phone number, each location had its own little "order online" button next to it. Clicking this button on my local location worked properly and allowed me to place the order. Yes, you just type "$5 Pizza" in the special notes section during ordering. No credit card is needed as you pay during pickup. I ordered three 3 topping pizzas for $5 each. And free bread and herbs!!