dealsteeter hang ups ep-550 inversion therapy table…


Damn. I bought this as a Lightening Deal the other day for $249.


FYI Amazon is issuing me a $25 refund because the "Lightening" deal price of $249 dropped within 72 hours so drastically. Thanks for posting this! Woot!


Do teeter hang ups actually work? I mean, I've read websites like that talk about them and I've seen the informercials, but I'm not convinced. Ever since my rollover accident people tell me I should try one out, but, I just don't know.


@jackdarrington: I have one that i use for my slipped discs in my neck from an old automobile accident I was in. I find that it works much better than the hydraulic traction machine that my insurance company bought for it helps with my entire back. It uses gravity to stretch your spine int he opposite direction giving your nerves the opportunity to move out of the way of any areas there is swelling. I love my Teeter hang up!