dealsfree hurricane preparedness checklist - sears


I have been through many....I stay pre-prepared!

still, the list is handy to have!


Yup living in Florida you grow to be prepared for a hurricane...year around LOL


This list is incomplete. What about medication for family members? Gas for your car(s) and the generator you just bought?
It's a good start, but if you live in a state that can be affected by tropical weather you should really get one of the more comprehensive guides from the local news stations. Here's a good resource especially for anyone in Central Florida:


Happy to see the list doesn't contain too much self promotion.

I was expecting a lot of name brand recommendations and Sears service offers.

The page is still ~33% branding.


Sorry, can't take this list serious. No mention of bleach.


Before I read the list, I thought it was a great idea. Having lived through a number of major hurricanes, I will say that it is woefully inadequate, unless you are not living in the hurricane zone.