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I don't know........THIRD BASE!


@highwyre237: I agree that it is not great but for those new Who fans that haven't seen it, it might be worth their while.


Not the most exciting movie, but VERY important since this is the only appearance of the 8th Doctor. The only way to see this before now was by getting a bootleg of the TV version. A must have for Doctor Who fans.


Ok, it's bad, right? However, I really think if Paul McGann had been given a chance, he would have been an EXCELLENT Doctor. He was great in this movie. He just got a bad script, a terrible cast, etc. (Eric Roberts as The Master? Really? REALLY????) I wish he could have done more. I was excited when there were rumors about going back to do more of his adventures. Definitely a must see for a Doctor Who fan. Now, back to my Netflixed Fifth Doctor adventures. :D