dealsfree ibuprofen at target with coupon for $0.00


can print 2 coupons per computer, so go to it! got 8 packs of 24 tablets today, all free!


There is no such coupon. I searched through them all and there was only $1 off coupon!!!


Read the deal text: "Print coupon and buy the .99 pills"
So a dollar off coupon would make the $0.99 pills free.


@babystang: print the $1 off coupon and go to the store, find the 24 pack Up and Up brand ibuprofen tablets which should be 99 cents. present coupon to get them for free


Another thing to pick up for free would be some 4x6 prints. (Coupon for a dollar off 10 prints and they are on sale for 10 cents each this week!)


It would not be uncommon to find me burning through 24 ibuprofens in 2 days. I love free, but with the price of gas you have to draw the line somewhere.

In fact, I'd venture to say that the 1000 count pack for 8 bucks at Costco would still be a better buy than this (when you consider the price of gas)


@justabandnerd: Well, then I suppose it depends how close you live to a Target. Some of us have one within walking distance.

I wonder if they have acetomenophin for the same price - I'm allergic to ibu, it makes me puff up and die.


@robinbobcat: I have 1 within walking distance, still doesn't mean I'm walking there :D


@jasonap: Thank you, Captain Obvious.

I'd also like to say that Alcohol is toxic to your liver. Dying also kills your liver, unless your liver dies before you do.


WOW y'all are giving me a headache


FYI. To print the coupon, one must first install a browser plug-in.


@robinbobcat: "I wonder if they have acetomenophin for the same price - I'm allergic to ibu, it makes me puff up and die." Did this once happen in a previous life? I do like the expression though "Hey buddy why don't you just puff up and die" Yup I like the sound of that.


@jasonap: All meds have a rare side effect.Ibuprofen is no better for you.

The ACS cautions ibuprofen users that fever, nausea, tenderness under the right ribcage and yellowing of the skin and eyes can indicate liver damage. Stop taking ibuprofen and contact your doctor if you notice any of these problems.
Taking ibuprofen may increase your risk for a heart attack, stroke or stomach and intestinal bleeding. Your risk for these problems might increase if you take other NSAIDs, have allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease or nasal polyps. Speak with your health care provider if you have kidney disease or are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or are breast-feeding.

Read more: Does Ibuprofen Cause Liver Damage? |


If my girlfriend puts one of these between her knees, can she still get pregnant?


@jasonap: Get your facts checked -- acetaminophen is Tylenol.


Tylenol and liver failure is linked to DRINKING BOOZE the same is listed for all NSAIDs. Read the link actually posted for Wiki- or better yet, read something a tad more reliable, like the warning label on the bottle.

All nsaids state not to take if you consume more then 3 alcoholic drinks per week right on the bottle!


@olsonc84: "Get your facts checked -- acetaminophen is Tylenol." Did someone say it wasn't? Sorry I don't understand your point.


Wait... I'd have to run Windows or OSX and install a plugin to print the darned coupons? Sorry, free ibuprofen isn't worth any of that.


Dang! Can't install coupon activator software on office PC without administrator rights, which they keep tightly in their little IT hands. Home printer is down. Looks like no free ibuprofen for me!


@belyndag: Sometimes you can print as a pdf and then bring it in to work to print out (or, in some cases, infinite copies of a coupon if there isn't a unique number generated on it anywhere).


I gave one of these coupons to my she has no excuse.


@racinreaver: No go on the PDF idea. I tried making Adobe PDF my default printed, but the coupon activator software rejects it and gives you an error.

"Unfortunately, you’re trying to print to a device that is not valid for printing coupons. If you have a multi-function printer (fax, copy, print), please make sure that “Printer” is set as the default function on your computer.

Your current default printer is: Adobe PDF Converter"

It was worth a try.