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Be cautious with fan-free enclosures. While nice for the lack of fan noise, some also have a tendency to overheat and shorten drive life considerably.


@blue11: Agree for this drive. I do not see any ventilation so if this is a 7200rpm drive and you use'll get pretty hot.

On the other hand... if it's a 4200/5400rpm drive like a WD Green, you'll probably be ok.
WD green operating temp is 60c... or 140F which will burn your hand if you hold it for more than a few seconds.

I've owned dozens of external drives (personally and work related) with and without drives.
They have about the same HDD failure rate, but for my home use the fan ones get replaced sooner because the fans get noisy and are often not easily replaceable.

Rarely do I find a enclosure with a temperature controled fan (on/off or variable speed).


I wouldn't see the purpose of a 7200RPM hard drive with a USB2.0 interface.


I have had a Fantom Drive for 3 years with no issues. These are well built enclosures.


I generally remove mine from any enclosures since I use external eSATA docks on all my PC's. Is this one easy to remove?


Humm 99.00 dollers huh...

Fantom Diamond 2TB USB 2.0 32MB External Hard Drive
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