dealsnorthern exposure: the complete series for $59.99…


I must of been very slow w/ my write up , and you must of posted just as I started, cause it hadn't shown up yet.
C'est la vie !

Important thing is it's a darned good deal ! +1


@ceagee: Sorry, but I'm sure you'll beat me to the post on the next one.


@mattysc: Maybe.Maybe not. It's all good ! =)

Now only if I could talk myself into watching all 110 ten episodes in this set. That's a lot of episodes !
It was/is a good show though. I deeply dislike reality TV. It may be cheap to make, but they won't make any money on the residuals. I mean, who's going to watch reruns or buy boxed sets ? Don't answer that if you know someone. Please don't tell me. I'd rather believe there is no market for it.