dealsinsignia ns-wbrdvd2 wi-fi built-in blu-ray player…


Good luck. I submitted this exact deal yesterday. It lasted one up-vote before they changed the price and somebody got it RIP'd.

Evidently CowBoom is a lottery or something.


gf has an insignia and it crapped out after a year, only reads certain discs now



I feel better now that I opted for the $4.99 one year warranty when I bought it.


This says "internet ready"... aka not "built in wifi"....


Basically it was pawn shop quality "pre-owned" i hardly buy refurbished let alone pre-owned none refurbished


Here is the company definition:

Pre-owned Items

Pre-owned describes products that have been purchased, opened, and operated. Then, for a multitude of reasons, from buyer’s remorse to functionality, the product is returned to the store. When a pre-owned product is processed by Cowboom, it is tested for power and basic functionality. When buying an item that is not brand new, ask yourself these questions:

1. Factory refurbished or Refurbished items frequently come in store-like packaging. This is usually noted in the item’s description.
2. How much visible wear are you comfortable with? Pre-owned items and certain grades of refurbished items may have visible imperfections. If you are planning on putting the item in a protective case, this may not be as important to you. Or if you are particularly hard on your items, the cosmetic condition may not be as important as having a device that works. Usually, the more scratches on an item, the better the deal you can get