dealspaper thin leaf indoor hdtv antenna - made in the…


But Every So Often Amazon has this in GOLD Deal Speials around $23 (and it sells out in a Few Minutes)
I bought this One Winegard Company FL-5000 FlatWave HDTV Antenna (Who still has s PAtent Pending)
for $23 on August 5.
WORKS REALLY GREAT ! (Even Before I extend the 15 ft Cord and stick rectangular plastic Antenna anywhere.
Highly Recommend these Products


If you need an amplifies antennae, as I did, this is a much better deal:

RCA ANT1650R Flat Digital Amplified Indoor TV Antenna for $31.29



Thats a Really Good Price on that Amplified Antenna $31.29 (Its Not Paper thin Though) (Shipping weight is 3 Lbs).....Much Heavier than Mine

Can U Tell me More about that Antenna? Does it require a DC Power Source ? TO Power it? Or Does it just plugin to the TV Coaxial cable?
If I every Move to a More Remote Location that has Poor Reception I would Definitely consider that one.