dealspanasonic lumix dmc-fz47 12.1 mp digital camera…


I love the price at $10 OFF THE $269.95 Abes's price, but ... it can be found for less at other reputable dealers.

Can't score it as a deal.

JR's ~ $239+shipping

or 42Photo has it at $248


Aww Woot! I am disappointed, You usually only have good deals, sometimes surprisingly good deals, but this is just regular/full retail price!
The same can be had at
Please don't make this a habit, ad you are one the few email subscriptions I allow to my inbox.


I'm not a fan of superzooms, but this one is pretty good, per this very thorough review:

(the summary page is linked).

Also, I found a couple of expired deals on this for $200or less, so this is definitely NOT a deal!


I've been watching this camera for a few months and have come very close to buying but got cold feet. This is not a great price though,I've seen it on or Newegg(sorry can't remember which) more than once for about $200 with a coupon code. I have the DMC-F18 and I really love it but this one should be a nice upgrade.


Got one a couple weeks ago from B&H Photography - from this site - for $199.00. Great little camera for the money.


The J&R deal is for an open box camera. Amazon is sold out of the camera, and the existing deals on their site are through third parties.


Panasonics new superzoon ( I think it is the FZ 150) is far superior to these even if this were a deal which, as many others have states it is not. I just ordered the newest version from Panasonic and can't wait for it. I had an older super zoom panasonic for the past 3 years (until I dropped it and broke the lens) and loved it.


No deal! If it's on Amazon for the same price, why put it on here?!?!


@thefenst I think you are mistaken. Amazon is not sold out, they have plenty of new ones in stock, at this very price.
See here;


@perryinjax: Amazon itself is indeed sold out. If you look below where it says "In Stock" on Amazon, it says "Ships from and sold by 17th Street Photo." Amazon is not selling the item, 17th Street Photo is. If you go on the side where it says "More Buying Choices" and hover over "Amazon," it says "Temporarily out of stock. Order now and we'll deliver when available. We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your account will only be charged when we ship the item."


@thefenst A mere technicality, I know that it is at the Amazon site, for the same price as this deal on woot, and I can use my Amazon credit card to pay for it, and it does show that it is available now, who the "actual" seller is and who will be actually shipping it to me, I dont care. My point remains the same, it is available elsewhere for this price, and you goto to get it. Thanks for the technical information though :-)


not a good deal at all, i just got the ge x500 and its awesome. 16 megapixel for 145


Bought this camera from Newegg a week and a half ago for $220 (their normal price), then got them to refund me $35 when it went on sale a day after that, so I ended up only spending $185. Great camera, really enjoying it. But it can be had for much less than this...