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If you want to be inspired by the actions of courageous men in a time of war, watch Band of Brothers. If you want to be sickened by the horrors and atrocities of war, watch The Pacific.

(This isn't to say The Pacific is a bad piece of film making. It's just fairly unflinching in its depiction of the blood and gore of World War II.)


If you don't like to use eBay this is a good deal. Otherwise, it can typically be found on there new for $10+ less.


@ki4rxm: Searching on eBay, the cheapest set I see is $69.56 and they go up to about $120.


@razer14: A listing for 5+ of them ended yesterday with a set price of $55 and free shipping. Given that these series have been out for a while, it stands to reason that if you haven't bought it yet you can wait for that deal or a better/similar one to reappear. Or, as I said, for the many people who don't like to use eBay, this isn't a terrible price.


Voted up because it seems a good price for two excellent miniseries, though it seems like more of a Memorial Day kinda deal. No woots for a two-pack of F.I.S.T. and Norma Rae?


@ki4rxm: Cool story. Next time I fire up the time machine I'll be sure to go to yesterday and buy a box set...


@razer14: Woah, guy, no reason to be so hostile.

Here you go, a time machine for all the downvoters: $52.85, free shipping on eBay

As I said, these deals come up pretty frequently on eBay and work out well for those who don't mind using that platform.


@louisalice: I might as well use PirateBay....


Considering this is the same price it was 10 years ago I wouldn't call this a good deal.