dealsstanley kubrick collection (6 dvds) for $29.99…


Any idea if these are widescreen? My older kubrick collection (white cases) are all fullscreen (aka standard) and I can hardly stand watching them now.


@cleaner00: Looking at the specs from amazon..its states:

Format: Box set, Anamorphic, Widescreen, Color

hope that helps...

link at amazon:


My favorite Kubrick film is "Dr. Strangelove" - wouldn't buy a collection without it.


@johnstodola: "Gentlemen! There will be no fighting in the War Room!"


I love Kubrick, but Eye's Wide Shut is just terrible. I watched it again about a year ago on cable and it is much more ridiculous now than when it came out in theaters. So much melodrama, bad lines, and over the top acting. They should repackage it as a comedy.


the newer blu-ray versions have commentaries

not sure if these do

j0e j0e

If it were blueray or remastered or something I would probably be in. Are these just the regular versions in a set?

Also, for some reason I just don't like/trust yet. I've never bought anything there, and I have no real rationalization, but I just can't make my self buy from them. The site is so busy with pop-ups, integrations, color schemes and such... yet I love amazon, go figure.


@ncarris: I feel you...i had the same problem with buying from them but my last two purchases have been flawless...purchased a Belkin Power Console PF30 on Sunday late in the night and received it today. Plus the price was $60 biased towards amazon but haven't had a problem with 2 cents...


@rockortreat: I think the only reason any one watched it was for the nudity.


@matthalbig: Good to know, if I find the right deal, maybe I won't be so hesitant now.


Concur with both johnstodola and rockortreat. I'd definitely have gone for this if they'd swapped "Eyes Wide Shut" for "Dr. Strangelove".