dealscoleman cree micropacker led weather resistant…


Shipping starts at 3.99 for one and increases for each additional unit purchased. There is a slight discount on shipping, but pretty much is ~3.99 a piece.


$20 Prime, $22 non-Prime on Amazon so yeah, good deal including the shipping.


Use Promo code "DEALPP10" and the price drops by $.80 in for one.


Since it's not included here: runs on three AAs and max output is 65 lumens.


For size reference the picture on the site shows that it fits in your hand and looks to be the size of a small flashlight.


80 lumens is like a 20 watt bulb, which is RIDICULOUS for a lantern


80 lumens is fine for the house when your power is out, or a tent at night. Reviews on Amazon are over very good, and with the 10% discount you can pick up 5 for 11 bucks a pop -- nearly half the Amazon price. A very good deal.


@kericr: Coleman also a well reputed brand, that is a more accurate lumen not like all the other cheap but very overrated numbers.