dealswifi signal finder: shipped for $3.99


Because your computer or phone that you want to use it with can't find it for you?


What we need is one that tells you were there is free service without encryption.
It doesn't help for me to find a wifi signal if I need a wep or wap code, or if I have to have a t-mobile or boingo subscription.


No kidding mrtravel. Invent it and ill be the first one to invest.


The fact that it says "many devices operate at this frequency" makes me think that it's only looking for things that use the general frequency. Which means if your phones use that it might pick those up and has no real way to distinguish anything.

What you'd need to do to specifically meter for only open stuff would be much more complex.


I have one of these and I use it all the time, as I travel a lot. It's very useful, but would be much more so if actually tried to connect and see if the signal was open for use. Many times I have found a connection just to find out I couldn't actually connect to it.

All-in-all, I think it comes in handy, but these things could definitely use an upgrade. But for just the 3.99 $hipping? It's certainly worth having.


ummm can't find it using the link. sold out?